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Muffy, the food inhaler
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Layla. got me on my KNEES. <3


Eating herself out of her clothes
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no face

"Must fatten up for his birthday!"
Feed Me


Feed me..lay me down and push sweets and fattening, greasy food to my lips.  I’m your fat slob, your pig, your massive blob of fat, endlessly growing..for you.  Your hands putting more calories and fat to my lips, making me grow heavier, softer and fatter, soon too be too big to get up, pinned down by the blubber you’ve added to my body..but it’s not enough.  You can see I’m getting full..but you convince me to go on, eat more, and more. You keep feeding me, more, and faster..your hands can’t keep up with putting enough food to my lips, pushing it in faster, greedily.  You want me bigger..I’m never fat enough, or big enough for you.  Just don’t stop feeding me..funnel me..make me have all the control..and weight is up to you..

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someone message me im bored and hungry (even though i just ate 3 twix bars and 3 chocolate granola bars…)

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whos a big girl

Anonymous: oh i just want to lay you down and fuck you while you stuff cake after cake in your mouth. and when all those clothes have popped off id go get a table full of every fatty food you could want and would feed you until youre immobile and just play with your belly for hours

how about u just give me food and not do the rest buddy

so im like back lol hi

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Jutting further
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